Although the Kristology Philosophy is the Teaching of Christ, it is much older than His most recent advent 2,000 years ago. Christ first brought His Message and Teaching to humankind over 77,000 years ago to the people of the Mukulian Empire. 

What are the objectives of the Kristology Philosophy? One purpose is to teach individuals to advance in a balanced manner – mentally, materially, and spiritually – through the study and application of God’s universal laws. Another major objective of the Kristology training is to develop a group of responsible, spiritually motivated individuals who will help usher in the new civilization exemplifying the Kingdom of God or New Age Civilization on earth.

The Philosophy stresses the importance of developing one’s mind and each student is encouraged to use his or her power of reason to evaluate the Philosophy and to test Kristology principles in daily life. By working with cosmic principles and experiencing the benefits, the student gains confidence in the truth of the Philosophy and need not accept it on faith alone. A reasoning faith in the truth and value of the Kristology teachings naturally evolves for many students.