Building Houses

Light Nations "Brotherhood"

Qualified individuals of any background, religion, or creed may enroll with the Fellowship as long as they are at least 18 years of age. Students are assured that expressing their sincere thoughts and feelings is what is most important. However, applicants must be able to read and write English, as the Philosophy is not available in other languages at the present time..


Conscious Nations "Sisterhood"

Students of the Kristology Philosophy and members of the Kristology Order may participate in the Kristology Program regardless of where they may live.Through a study of the Kristology Philosophy you can gain an understanding of the purpose of human life and why it’s essential that we advance,…Learn to control and improve the circumstances of your life and affairs,…Discover how to bring into your environment things and conditions for your best good,…Gain a deeper understanding of service to your fellowman and the assurance that your efforts to use God’s Laws are a help to others, and…Through the wise use of God’s Divine Laws, you can grow more secure, gain greater peace of mind and enjoy the genuine satisfaction of true accomplishment.

Happy Family

Starseed Warrior "Youthhood"

It has always been the Fellowship’s policy to avoid comparing the Kristology Philosophy with the teachings and beliefs of others. All philosophies, religions and beliefs have their place in human affairs, and in one way or another, each contributes to man’s egoic unfoldment. Some are more reflective of universal truth, but who can say that any one is the only truth or path to spiritual development? Throughout the course of our ongoing, we gravitate toward that which brings the greatest solace, comfort, inspiration, and spiritual upliftment, at one moment, clinging to cherished beliefs, and in the next, casting them aside to reach upward to grasp new ones. What may fill an urge to be universally secure today, may not do so tomorrow.The Fellowship knows it is cosmically wrong to interfere with this egoic struggle toward at-one-ment with God. But to offer greater purpose and new concepts of life and action at a time one is reaching out for higher truths and more permanent values is another matter.


In Person

We are still working on finding a facility. We will post the update on the website as we are still looking for a location



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By Email

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